How much is a 1lb/pound of laundry

Here are some typical laundry assortments:

10 Lbs.
2 pairs of jeans
1 button down shirt
5 t-shirts
1 sweater
7 pairs of undergarments
7 pairs of socks
1 towel
15 Lbs.
3 pairs of jeans
1 pair of shorts
2 button down shirts
5 t-shirts
2 sweaters
9 pairs of undergarments
7 pairs of socks
1 towel
1 set of sheets
20 Lbs.
4 pairs of jeans
2 pair of shorts
2 button down shirts
1 flannel shirt
6 t-shirts
3 sweaters
9 pairs of undergarments
8 pairs of socks
2 towels
1 set of sheets
What are your store hours?
We are open 24/7 for your convenience.
Do you have large machines?
Yes, the largest machines in the area. We have 20 super large top of the line German machines that can handle all your large items, comforters, blankets etc….
How long does it take to do my laundry?
Most wash cycles take around 25 minutes, and dryer times around 30 minutes. This saves you time and money, aside from folding time; you’ll be finished in under an hour!
Which washer size should I use to wash my clothes?
It depends on the actual size of your load. Selecting the right washer is as simple as trying it on for size. If you put the load into the washer and you find yourself having trouble closing the door, then you probably should move up to the next size machine. On the other hand, our front load washers actually work better when they are more than half full. In fact, you can fill the washer nearly completely full, just don’t stuff it tight. Leave a little room for water and agitation!
For dryers, usually about half full is recommended.
How many washers and dryers do you have?
Pounds Machine
12 25 Washers
8 40 Washers
4 60 Washers
14 30 Dryers
4 45 Dryers
2 75 Dryers
We have 21 Washers and 20 Dryers.
Do you sell soap, fabric softener and laundry bags in store?
Yes! We have All, Bounce, Liquid Clorox Bleach and Fabric Softener available for purchase!
Does your laundromat operate on cards or coins?
We operate on good old fashioned quarters, with change machines available if you need them. This way, you don’t end up with money left over on some prepaid card that you can’t use anywhere else.